Welcome to Window on the World Websites

Quick, cheap and effective websites and blogs to suit your needs

Are you keen to be on the web, but keen to keep the cost down? Do you need a website for your business, or a community group or charity, or want to talk about an interest or campaign, or just to put up photos and news of your family? Are you unsure of the technology, anxious about Internet language and technology, or too stuck for time to put a website up yourself? Then Window on the World Websites may be able to help you.

Please browse our prices and packages. Our websites are simple and easy to manage, and the prices are kept keen and competitive for newcomers to the Internet, small businesses, charity and community groups, families or individuals.  We offer a unique service from planning to surfing.  Our sites are unique to your needs, easy to maintain, include a tutorial on how to manage them and optional coaching on how bring traffic to your site.

Getting on the net is easier thany you might think

We can help you with the following:

Basic Service
Discuss your needs and design preferences and collect the information and material you want to display
Plan and customise your new website or blog
Put it on the Internet with a free or low cost domain

Standard Service
Build your site with you and train you to maintain and update your blog or website
Help you to upload pictures and text and links on your front page
Help you to build up to ten pages of information and material for your visitors

Gold service
Help you to upload pictures, videos, and a whole set of gadgets to make your site interesting and unique
Help you to get traffic to your site by learning the basics of search engine optimisation and social networking.

Please look over the pages of this site and see if we can help. If so, give me a call or email me and we can talk about getting you onto the net.